Toy-Review: Crappy Cat from by UnaCat / Unboxing Crappy Cat Video: Day One


Crappy Cat was created and designed by VanBeater, and was initially released as a 9-inch tall figurine from Jamungo. Now, the Crappy Cat character has developed into a 2.75-inch tall articulated figurine, and has his very own blind-box series released by Unacat. And as well Crappy has a new friend to boot too! Say hello to Flunky Monkey! A simian and a pussy, who would thought? LOL

From what I have now, Crappy Cat is hardly "crappy" to have!


A total of 14 x characters to collect in the 'basic set', with an additional 2 x 'mystery' chase inserts to look out for. Each box/display case has 25 x boxes to pull from, and you KNOW I love a red box! Great graphics all around on this too, which is extremely appreciative, and to me makes the difference in presentation. Heck, I've even kept a few boxes so I can open them up and display flat, like a painting, no b.s.!

And that "Kamen Rider"-inspired design that's been shown online? That's one of the chase inserts!


Truth be told, I was excited as heck when I first saw and posted the teaser for the individual figurines on this blog, which saw a variety of designs and even scenarios of Crappy Cat (his journey into drinking and it's effects is absolutely hilarious) and I couldn't be even happier when I had an entire box to inbox! Thanks VanBeater + DKE Toys!

Check out the video below - of which an unboxing video will be posted everyday from henceforth! And with that, I am not going to reveal the collation of the box at this point. Sorry about that, true toy-believers! But I will say this: I could not complete the entire set of the basic characters (*clutches fist at sky*) - oh woes! But with the downside comes the 'upside' as well = stay tuned for the unboxing videos, folks!


These figurines are articulated at the neck, arms and feet, as well as their tails, AND as well come with 'drunken' accessories, which makes them real fun for play - featuring objects more on the 'adult' side (which means "not kids" and not "porn"): like guns, spent six-pack of beer, and the beer-bong (which is so keenly apt for Crappy Cat, no?) and a pair of hand-cuffs - shown in the above example piece - so not really for kids, yeh? Oh yes, there's a 'blue marker' too - which is a def no-no for kids as they'd sure swallow it!

One thing about them, is that they are made of soft vinyl (unlike what Jamungo released in the past, with figurines made of ABS Plastic - as much as I wanted them, I never did see Series 3 on sale in Singapore tho :/), and that makes them pretty light to hold and play. Stability is varied, if you turn the feet right to stand, but because of it's weight, expect shelf-dives if you are careless, but generally they stand decent and are an all-round awesome figurine to be had! Personally while holding them, I felt the need and desire to "play" with them, rather than just plonk it down on a display shelf and gawk, so to me, that is a swell notion to have!

Might work for you, might not. No matter, the fact that there are options open, means it works for me :)

And one exceptional note: the paint or print application on the figures, are super-crisp and neat! The minute-logos look great with no mess. Kudos to both the designs and manufacturing. And this seems to be pretty rare in an age where tons of product gets shoved out of factories and in your hands without proper quality control. My feeling is that this series were keenly looked at, and we - the collectors - benefit from having a great product, like Crappy Cat, IMHO.

Check out more updates on and Crappy's Facebook-page here!