One Night With Army of Snipers in Singapore


December 28th saw the Army of Snipers crew descend unto Singapore for a one night only event @ FLABSLAB - which saw "live" painting from Angry Woebots and a collaboration between Ritzy Periwinkle and Boosher, while J*RYU transformed a resin elephant into a form of chained latent-rage which he teasingly named: "Andy the Destroyer Pachyderm". As well folks had a chance to see the video diaries from AOS' recent Little Lotus Project being projected unto the wall at the other side of the gallery space.

[Angry Woebots in action! LIVE! In Singapore!]

The space saw an eclectic turnout of folks, from local artists like PHU! and ANTZ, to friends and fans, who also had their pictures taken with AOS, and had live sketches done from the crew. The event was planned to end at 10pm, but there was no particular rush to the festivities, and we essentially ended after 11pm. Without a doubt an exceptional event I have the privilege to be a part of (TOYSREVIL's first, actually!), and an awesome way to end of 2011 with!

[Collaboration between Boosher and Ritzy Periwinkle]
[A blank Elephant Parade from Artbox being customized by J*RYU]
**Do feel free to check out more event images HERE on my FB-album!
And feel free to tag yourselves if you were there too :)**

I cannot even begin to describe the level of excitement and thrill to actually meet these folks I blog about, and have them to be uber-swell folks to begin with. As much as I wish I had been "healthier" to be able to host you guys, I too am selfishly joyful to be able to meet you all - what a swell way to end of 2011 as well! You KNOW this is not the last time we'll meet, yeh? :)

Much thanks to the AOS Crew for their time and for being awesome! *RESPECT* ~ And much thanks to Jeffrey Koh and FLABSLAB for hosting this event, and for everyone who took the time to come by and attend the event - thanks for the support, much love, and hope you had fun! Happy 2012 to come folks!

ADDED: Local toy-blogger Edward of toys3tc was down at the event and made this video (wholly edited on his iPhone) - thanks, dude!