11 PIXS for 2011: ABSoluteLEE ME

absoluteleeme 11 PIXS for 2011
"2011 also known as the Rabbit year in the chinese calendar is a year that truly inspired me, also a year to remember for me. Having always liked rabbit, the year 2011 had thus inspired me to create out these characters; Bunnyboy and Bunnygirl.

The Rabbit, the happiest sign in the Zodiac; gifted, nice to be with, discreet, refined, reserved, ambitious and virtuous in the bargain had gaved me an idea of how my characters would be. After some research, i began to shape them and from than on, these characters had brought me to several exhibitions such as the Asia Creative Culture at Red Gallery In London and Low Pose Character Design Conference in Taipei with their first international exhibition being at STGCC. From Bunnyboy and Bunnygirl, they had also brought me to meet new friends, friends that inspired me even more, friends that advices me and friends that I never knew I'll even meet.

Having created them is truly an achievement for me in rediscovering myself. Hopefully in years to come, they will bring me to even more places, meet more new friends as well as inspire people."
From Abs Lee @ www.absoluteleeme.blogspot.com. And you can check out her "11 PIXS for 2011" images in full HERE in Facebook!
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