The Avengers: Teaser by Hot Toys & Cinema Posters in Hong Kong


With the "success" of Nick Fury's reveal yesterday by Hot Toys - who in this age of social media means "a lot of feedback and news spreading online" - HT reveals yet again another image - this time a singular teaser of their upcoming figure products from The Avengers movie - with figures black-outed in shadow, of course

But we do see Hawkeye in the line-up, along with a Black Widow with a new hair-do, and both Captain America and Thor in new costumes. Without a doubt Iron Man will see a new armour-design, but the exciting image (for me anyways) is the Incredible HULK, sized larger than the folks shown too! Interesting.


Also shown here are images of cinema-lightbox posters for the main characters (images from Alexander Lo) snapped in and around Hong Kong (hence the Chinese text). Looks like we will see a major push in the Asian region for the film, and I am alright with that. Hell, they even had ang-pao pacts made, didn't they? LOL


HOT TOYS PRESS: "Following the great response of the announcement of Nick Fury from The Avengers, one of our largest campaigns this year, we believe that our fans just can’t wait to have a glimpse of the other members of the team!

Glad to let our fans know that all characters are being developed in good progress now! Fans will be expecting the news of the collectibles of the characters from time to time before movie launches!"


  1. these posters are also posted in an IMAX theatre in Jakarta, but the only difference that these are third-dimensional posters and its more larger.


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