BE@RBRICKS and Me (Purchases from CSC on Sunday)

IMG_7265 IMG_7269

Contained herein are snaps of my BE@BRICK purchases this fine Sunday at the weekly flea market in China Square Central. Procured from an individual vendor who had made available the figurines in both sets and loose individuals, the toys normally sold over the counter at retailers in blind-boxed assortments.

[I wanted to score this WAGE from Uglydolls for the longest time!]

Loose BE@RBRICKS used to be such the rage here in Singapore - with most vendors buying entire cases, to then open up and collate sets and chases, and sell off excess doubles or triples. And it used to be a time where folks unloaded figurines cheaper than off-the-shelves/counter buys at retailers too. And if you're careful and on the lookout, sometimes they still exist now as well, although that has become a notion as few and far in-between these days. The commercial concept of selling them has changed thru the yers, with folks more wary of secondary-market value more, and most times the pricing might be a tad ridiculous, but sometimes (ike today), the prices are within reasonable range, for considerations, IMHO.

IMG_7268 IMG_7273
[Art by H.R.Giger? Yes, please!]

I remember when BE@RBRICKS were my first ever "experience" with the concept of "blind-boxes" for toys! Series One had just been released, and I had attempted to "try my luck" at a few boxes (I'm familiar with this sort of scenarios, having had years spent collecting sealed foil-packs of collectible trading cards ;p) - but then contented with buying some pieces "loose" and opened ones, because, well, it was simply less "heart-breaking" if you scored doubles.

I thought I had left those days behind me [Proof of such inanity] but I guess the addiction is still lingering, if not as potent that it was ages back.

IMG_7271 IMG_7272
[The concept of a "mecha-bear" is shoo appealing for me!]

Without realizing it, the 6 x figurines I chose today were from 5 different series (#12, #15, #17, #18 & 2 x #19) and frankly, if I hung around any longer, I would've snagged more of these babies! And they were of mixed prices too, from SGD$5 to $15, and somehow the ability to score what I liked, with a decent price, made for a happier time spending money I might not necessary have to spend on toys, in the first place.

["Live Long And Prosper, Toy-Citizen!]

Tis a wonder why I do not see much of blind-boxed art toys being sold as such, or perhaps the price points are too restrictive for folks to even bother to score some, regardless if secondary market might be worth the trouble or not, or simply it is worth more online than being sold in-person, where near everybody else has access to it.

Regardless accurate scenarios or not, or chosen naivety on my end, I'd like folks to be able to procure these figurines, as they are both affordable, and yet perhaps a "in" into the art toy culture as well … well, you've got to start the "addiction" somewhere, yeh?