Pai Roj Teera Prapa for CE Contest 2 (2012)

Representing one of the five finalists chosen to be the Thailand Designers partnering up with an International Designer for the upcoming CE CONTEST 2 Final Battle is Pai Roj Teera Prapa (alongside BRiZL, in 'Team E'). He is a type designer and is involved in graphic design as well, and owns a souvenir shop featuring THAI styles ( I had asked him what was his intention and/or the origins for creating his character design ('winning template' show below):

Final design Set
"(For) this event, I thought about how THAI style can be showcased on the CE figure, and my solution was using the THAI lettering for this work, because Thai letters have a very unique style and refer to THAILAND directly and fast. My graphic pattern is a composite with Thai letters for the word "SIAM" - which meant "THAILAND" in the past (changed since 1939)." ~Check out more his work via his Facebook.


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