Tetsujin-28 Toy Figurines from CSC


It bugged me for a bit that these two Tetsujin-28 figurines did not have any markings on their bodies, or even their boxes, to signify the make, or makers, or even to authenticate their legitimacy of a licensed product! But not too long afters, I decided it did not matter as much, as I bought them not with the intention on selling them, in the first place.

IMG_7274 IMG_7275

For sure I had wanted to ascertain the value in which I purchased these vinyl figurines, but I guess in a flea market scenario, either you recognize something for what's it's 'true worth' is, or you just simply come across something you like, and can afford, and am able to walk away with.

Funnily, the term "flea market" in Singapore, does not necessarily mean "kick-ass-discount" most times, in lieu of folks utilizing the term to sell items without the benefit of a permanent rental-retail space. There is actually a heckload of "flea markets" in the little red dot known as Singapore, although in the context of "toys", there isn't much of a choice in the first place, IMHO.

IMG_7280 IMG_7278

I had asked the table vendor at the Sunday Flea Market (in China Square Central today) how much the OG-blue Tetsujin cost, to which he replied if I had wanted to see the "Gold Version" - and instead of being perturbed by his not answering my questions, my eye gleaned with he pulled out the gold-colored Tetsujin. Of course being the sucker I am, I had asked for the "best possible price" for both figures if bought together (better Singapore tactic for discounts if ever there was one, in flea markets anyways lol), and then prompted to pay cash and walk away with the duo.


Truth be told, I am not what you would call a huge Tetsujin28-fan, but I have since found these guys to be extremely charming, and I do not think they were as 'legit' as I had hoped they would be, but you know what? It doesn;t matter, as long as I am happy with my purchase, and perhaps that is something people should experience, in their ongoing journey in collecting "toys" :)


JA said…
While buying at the lowest possible price may be the most important factor generally, people get so caught up with the price that they forget why they even like the item in the first place.

I agree with you that the bottom line is to afford what you can and take joy in it.