The Coming of Platoon Hero by JC Rivera


What I truly love about JC Rivera, is that not only does he do truly splendid custom-work on existing toy-forms, he also sculpts and creates his own concepts, and among the numerous practitioners in this culture these days, this is gold. We've witnessed his Instagram-app character (yes, granted it it was not an original character), and we've also had the privilege to feature Jimmy Hype, and today, we have a look at "PLATOON HERO"!


A mashup of destructive proportions with a grenade-body with fancy motifs, a pair of 'death-from-the-sky' wings, and a spray-head to cap it off! This is what he had to share about the 4" tall spray can/grenade:
"This is a design I've been working for a little bit … I just finish making the mould and poured one in and when it came out I took a picture and posted it on Instagram.

I've been getting a really good response since I posted it. So I have to plan. Tentative drop date at the moment is mid next month. I'm definitely doing some colorways, some custom ones and some collaborations with artists."
~mentioned JC to TOYSREVIL.


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