Custom-Feature: T.H.U.G.s & StormHammer by Albert Art


From Albert Art comes a trio of customs - featuring the T.H.U.G. and STORMHAMMER platforms by Unison Lab! Tis actually pretty darn rare to see customs on these forms, and I am delighted to see this, especially since I loved the DIY-blank T.H.U.G.s as well!

"I first worked on a THUG custom over a year ago and it caught the attention of the Chilean toy company. So I jumped at the chance to work on their latest DIY, which is a totally unique style of toy." ~blogged Albert "The toy is quite the beast with long, heavy arms, and stubby legs, it has a slightly awkward balance if the arms are positioned too far over the head. I think it's around 8" tall, but with the arms raised it looks much taller and intimidating. This toy required a lot of paint since there's so much space to cover on the toy this size." ~You can see more of the customs posted on his blog


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