Previews of Customs for #Playsam500 (To Launch April 28th @ Super 7)

playsam-500-01 playsam-500-02

Wooden toys are making a hard 'comeback' this year, what with the reveal of the upcoming Jibibuts Artists Collection from Noferin, and the upcoming Playsam 500 show featuring custom work done of the wooden streamliner mobile - for which this particular post is dedicated to. Check out the new flyer image above from display venue Super7, and posted here are images of custom-builds from a variety of artists.

There are 50 folks on the list, so expect to see more reveals to come before the show-date on April 28th! As well check out their Facebook events page for updated info & images.

playsam-reactor88 PLAYSAM-STREAMLINER
Above-left: Reactor-88 Totem Playsam Car
Above-right: original unpainted Playsam Streamliner wooden vehicle!
playsam-betso playsam-paulkaiju
Above-left: "One Arm Wonder" from Betso
Above-right: from Paul Kaiju
playsam-skullwagon playsam-taskone
Above-left: SKULLWAGON by Plaseebo [Blogged]
Above-right: Cheddar Days from TaskOne [Blogged]

playsam-jryu playsam-jeremiahketner
Above-left: 2012 EMO500i from J*RYU
Above-right: rom Jeremiah Ketner
playsam-64colors-01 playsam-64colors-02
Above: from 64 Colors
playsam-scribe playsam-viseone
Above-left: from Scribe
Above-right: from VISEone
Above: Sculpted by Jay222 and painted by JC Rivera
My PlaySam 500 reveal. Materials used: soldering iron, colored pencils, acrylics, and satin lacquer.
Above: from Babyvtec
IMG_0386 IMG_0394
Above: from Frank Mysterio [See more here]
playsam-carson-catlin-01 playsam-carson-catlin-02
Above: "fungusamongus" from Carson Catlin
"This is the first time I have ever worked with wood, and boy was it fun. I started by sketching out the design and then slowly drilled away with a dremmel. My goal was to achieve something similar to my cuts pieces but came away with a mushroom looking thingy. Thats why its called fungusamongus. I painted the wheels with light green acrylic and finished them with a high gloss laquer. The body was stained twice and then sanded down to reveal the unstained wood. To finish it and give a it warm gloss I waxed the car a bunch, like for at least three hours." ~mentioned Carson.
Work-In-Progress Playsams:
Above: from Josh Mayhem-Sauer
playsam-motorbot-02 playsam-motorbot-01
Above: from Motorbot
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