Publicizing *I LIKE TOYS* & Facebook Page

I would like to publicly apologize to my dear collaborators for the first issue of *I LIKE TOYS* - for I was knee-deep into prepping and in production of the Zine, and I simply did not have an opportunity to even email other folks to ask for help promoting the issue! Alas by the time I could catch a breath from tasks, the issue had sold out! Hope I'll be able to get my shitzzle together for Issue #2 to let folks know … but then again, this is after all an "underground Zine" that im not supposed to really 'advertise' about? heh.

My sincere *THANK YOU* for the posts by Tomopop and Red&White (whose page seems to be disappeared?) - who picked up the news and posted about them, even without me asking them to = You Guys Rock!


And did you know *I LIKE TOYS* has a dedicated Facebook-page? Click on the above image to go to it, and do feel free to *LIKE* it (it'll come in handy for when I have giveaways atters ;p), and as well it has it's own domain-URL @! Most updates will be announced there first, including upcoming giveaways (the Zine might be SOLD OUT but I've stuff to give away) and even news for Issue #2, including Open Submissions! Thank you for reading *I LIKE TOYS* and your support :)