Real Steel @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)


One of the key articulated figurines that caught my attention at the weekend's Re-Venture show from 3A Toys, is the display debut of their ATOM (I first posted the pic HERE) - from Dreamworks SKG's 'Real Steel' movie - alongside the previously announced MIDAS and the earlier available-for-pre-order AMBUSH (and subsequently will be available from retailers but without the Bambaland-exclusive "Controller").


Truth be told, if this was announced earlier, I would have considered collecting the set, as there is literally (at the very least) three figures to collect! And if 3A ever releases NOISY BOY or ZEUS (but please, no 'Twin-Cities' LOL), I would feint-faint! (heh) Oh well, toy-hindsight is always a biatch LOL

[Images by Ying Choy / Pansy Chan - Posted with Permission]


Disclaimer: Apologies if the names of the robot characters fly past you folks - especially if you have not watched the movie (I know it sure as heck did me!). Get clued in to the characters by checking out


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