Toy-Review: Retailer Edition K11 Squadt

After literal years of blogging about, and pinning over them, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Squadts! Granted, they are the "pets" of the actual Squadt-character, but hey, I roll with whatever I could afford at hand, okay? LOL


I was actually looking at the all-black versions of MIDNIGHT SPIKE & SPOT (with GID-eye-lenses - which I only realized was the "Chase Edition" when i checked my blog uurrrrgggh lol), when the helpful dude at the flea market stall told me he had "white" versions of the two, to which he dug and whipped out of the box, and gave me a decent discount if I had bought both versions at a go (that's how some Singaporean-seller does it tho, FYI :p) - but alas, I could only scrimmage for one (otherwise I would've been able to afford an actual Squadt figure tho - SGD$150 each here tho), so I decided on the white Retailer Edition K11, primarily because of their RED eye-lenses - and being home now, snapping these pics on my dining room table, I really extremely like them!


Two figures in a set, both with similar body-forms and sewn-fabric harness, except for the helmets both figures possess, in the "Security Camera" and "Triclops-Helmet" - the red a stark contrast to the white, but making it extremely crisp and "sweet". The sewn-fabric harness was a pleasant grey, set against the black fabric of the body-suit, somehow a decent foil to the red+white. Although I keep on thinking "it would be nicer if there was another color instead of gray", but frankly I could not think of any other, so this "works" for now.


Articulation came in the form of the turning head (at the neck), and by default, the removable helmet. Although I do not have a Squadt-figure to compare Spike and Spot to, the figurines reviewed here itself was of a nice size and fit into a palm. Made of vinyl, the figure features a nice marriage alongside the fabric - something that Threezero is well known for through the years, IMHO.

With an initial SRP of US$75 (or rather that was the price for the Black Edition - including shipping, this white is the retailer edition tho), I bought mine for SGD$100 - which works out to about US$80, so I guess that's a pretty decent after-market price? Now I'm thinking how to save up some $$$ to purchase the rest of the figures from the guy! LOL

Designed by FERG and manufactured by Threezero, click HERE to view all coverage of Project Squadt on TOYSREVIL. And check out individual images posted HERE on my FB-album.