TOYSREVIL @ Klong Tom Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand

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'With anticipation, I stalk my toy-prey! … naaah not really - with my walking cane
I hobbled on in anticipation instead - Stroke cannot keep me away for long! LOL

The weekend came, and Saturday was upon us. Being the last day of the CE Contest event (where I was invited to be a Judge for), I was pretty much biting my nails for if I'd be able to go to the Saturday-night-only Klong Tom Night Market again, with my first visit in 2010 filling me with anticipation. We were invited to a "Thank You" dinner at the Polo Club (hosted by the generous folks at Top Ten Thailand) , amidst the intense rain that had blanketed the night - not too positive for the night market to happen, is it?

The meal was had, goodbyes were said, and courtesy of Napat and Tabun, both Leonard Brizula (whose images are all used here) and myself were then driven to the location, to have a look-see, and also to see if the stalls had come out to display their wares after the rain. We were lucky.

Above-left: "Customized" toys are gripping the world!
Above-right: I actually really wanted that Superman!
But would have been a prob to fit into my luggage :p
"Colors from all kinds of toys everywhere spread out onto the sidewalks and alley ways, lit up the dark, warm night. I was overwhelmed with the amount of toys that were out for sale! Every street vendor trying to capture your attention with what they had for display. Never seen so many toys like this in one night!

But one thing's for sure, don't come alone, especially if you're a foreigner! Haha! T'was a very exciting evening checking out toys in Bangkok with who else, but the toy master himself, Andy!
~mentioned Leonard 'BRiZL' Brizuela
[Click on above-image to see my toy-scores in BKK]

An extremely quick jaunt later, and I walked away with a small plastic bag with toys! I had forgotten the Superman figure, but reckon it would have been a bitch to fit into the luggage back home LOL. Good times to be had, even if it was a short one this time, but perhaps it is as well, for my personal condition was not the best at the end of the day, and no matter how awesome the toys were, I had still needed my rest.

And there's my 2nd Klong Tom experience in my life. once before my Stroke, and now afters. I'd go there again any day I'm in Bangkok! And much thanks to Leonard for the images - I was content with shopping this time around instead of snapping pics *Muahahahahaha*

(Images via BRiZL)


I just love those ornaments they make out of nuts bolts and scrap metal. I was looking to import those because you can do so easily... scrap metal doesnt have import tax for most countries!