Win yourself a signed PixelBlox template from Zakane (*I LIKE TOYS* Giveaway)


Inserted within each copy of Issue#1 of *I LIKE TOYS* is a printed template for an exclusive PixelBlox from Zakane, with each signed! And now, for this Facebook-Giveaway - one single print will be made available to you folks!

And all you need to do - to win one (mailed flat to you) - is to click "LIKE" on this image! (But remember, you have to "LIKE" this Facebook page on the first place, yeh? Thanks!)

Contest starts NOW! Deadline for this giveaway is a week from now on the 5th of May @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time). Good Luck, folks!


**Zakane's PixelBlox is a papercraft that does not need glue to have them made-up, just cut along the outside-lines, fold, insert in slots, and that's it! (And it'll come in handy when we have yet another contest after this tho - just saying' ;p). Check out Zakane's work on his Artist Facebook and via!


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