The Avengers: Movie Review (Sort of ... Zero Spoilers) & That 2nd End Credits Scene


A lifetime ago (okay fine, a couple of decades, give or take a generation), I would never have expected to watch a feature film as this well done like Marvel's THE AVENGERS on the big-screen, or even The Dark Knight, Superman, Spider-Man etc … and these days, is quite a fabulous time to be a "geek" in, IMHO.

Singapore was lucky to have the movie premiere island-wide on May 1st ('Labour Day", a designated national holiday) and I managed to catch the film on May 2nd, and have a few impressions and advice I would like to share with you folks reading (no story spoilers here, not until May 4th anyways ;p). As much as I so desire to geekout about the film now, I reckon you should SEE IT for yourselves first - then we geekout together about it, okay? :)


01. Please DO NOT watch anymore trailers, video promos or whatever moving visuals about The Avengers, until after you have watched it in the darkened cinema. I seriously felt I would have enjoyed the movie more, if I had not been spending half the time piecing together scenes I have seen before online.

But if you really must, click HERE to see all Avengers Movie-coverage on TOYSREVIL muahahahahaha (but really, you shouldn't… *cough*).


02. For pete's sake, please REMAIN SEATED in your collective cinema-seats at least until after the first key credits roll at the end of the movie, for that added prelude/prologue sequence! (You should know by now Marvel loves to do their preludes/prologues, and we love to watch them too).

You do not have to wait that long too - unlike previous films where you had to wait till the end of ALL the film credits (and you having to keep your pee in).

And if you do not recognize the character at the end, ask your comicbook-fan-friend! I will geekout about who the character is come the next "geek-spill" aka "full review", including the sights and sounds from 'Spoiler-City'!

By The Way… According to (bywayof First Showing) there is a SECOND end credits scene, to be attached only with films screening in North America. Folks in Singapore can go click and see what it is, while folks in North America? DON'T! So be prepared to hold your pee in a wee bit longer, friends and folks! LOL


03. All I can say is, I nearly wept man-tears of geek-joy for the existence of this film, and especially fought back the emo-gushing floodgates at the part where Captain America said … naaaah, you'd better go watch it yourself, folks!

In the end, the general 'good' outweighed whatever little 'negativity' I had for The Avengers, and THIS is how comicbook-films should be made.


Niki Yarte said…
"Please DO NOT watch anymore trailers, video promos or whatever moving visuals about The Avengers, until after you have watched it in the darkened cinema." --> This was my problem too!

I felt like I've already seen much of the movie because of them! But it was still a great movie nonetheless!
Bibliotecher said…
Man, I'm so jealous that it gets an early release outside of the States!
dtmmr said…
With over billions and billions of comic book fans and Marvel practically breathing down his neck, Joss Whedon was given one job and one job only and that was to not screw this up. Thankfully, he doesn't even come close to screwing it up and makes this one of the funnest superhero movies in recent time. Nice write-up.