'Best On-Screen Action' for The Avengers Movie (#SPOILER WARNING)

So instead of a straight-up single Movie Review for The Avengers, I'm going to stretch it out like Mr Fantastic 'nominate' and 'award' a series of scenes for the movie, which in all attempts and purposes, will be **EXTREMELY SPOILERIFFIC** = SO BE WARNED!

Here are the Short-Listed couples for 'Best On-Screen Action':


Nominee #1: Thor Vs Iron Man in the Night Forest

WHY: Now this is specifically before Captain America jumped into the fray. As much as I had loved him in his own "First Avenger" movie, he had started to irk me in this movie (but that's another "award" perhaps to be doled out…). But seeing Iron Man take on Thor is one of the first obligatory-hero-versus-hero slugfest in this Joss Whedon-epic, was surprisingly a real treat! Seeing it on the big-screen was a decidedly different feeling that that of an online video, as the action became larger than "life" in that regard. And just like in the comicbooks too! Kicking Ass and Taking Names Later LOL


Nominee #2: Hulk Vs Black Widow On The Helicarrier

WHY: I genuinely felt "fear" and anxiety when Dr Banner turned into the raging Hulk and went after The Black Widow! Hell, I remember gripping the arm-rest, I will not lie! After a prolonged lull aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. joy-ride, this was a welcomed respite (and somewhat reminded me of the Dr Octopus-in-surgery-scene in Sam Raimi's 'Spiderman 2') of heightened tension, leading to the next action sequence mentioned below….

And all I could think of, while she was running in front of the Hulk was simply; RUUUUUNNNNNNN!

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WINNER for 'Best On-Screen Action': Thor Vs Hulk In Hangar Bay of Heli-carrier!

WHY: Clean, crisp action sequence featuring two brutes punching each other without a word uttered. This would be the first time we see the Hulk in action, and it does not disappoint. Duking it out in close-quarters would become a nice foil to when they battle the Aliens together - both of which were in bright lights, which I really appreciate (versus the night forest scene ;p). Best fanboy-bit was when he tried to lift up Thor's hammer but could not budge it = AWE.SOME.


And the mighty THOR - in one of my fav action sequence of him (even moreso than his fight with Iron Man, in essentially obscured darkness of the night, no less), and frankly the most use of the character besides his disheveled look throughout the film (is his hair-dresser on holiday? C'mon, he is a demigod for pete's sakes!).