'Best On-Screen Pairing' for The Avengers Movie (#SPOILER WARNING)

So instead of a straight-up single Movie Review for The Avengers, I'm going to stretch it out like Mr Fantastic 'nominate' and 'award' a series of scenes for the movie, which in all attempts and purposes, will be **EXTREMELY SPOILERIFFIC** = SO BE WARNED! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPOIL YOUR VIEWING OF THE MOVIE!

Here are the Short-Listed and Winning couples for 'Best On-Screen Pairing':



WHY: I loved it that a couple of non-"super-powered" characters had a chance to have their moment on screen amongst the power-players, and for lending a somewhat more "human touch" to the proceedings, even both of them have killed men before. You will begin to realize soon that the other super-powered "heroes" do not necessarily kill mortals ("aliens" do not count), so this would be an interesting juxtaposition to be explored and exploited in time to come, I hope :)

ASIDE: The constant mentioning of their shared past experience screamed "spin-off-prelude-movie" to me … which I am looking forward to, if it happens … hey, why wait a few more years before you see them both again in Avengers #2? I wanna see the Widow again soon! "Mr & Mrs Smith S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents" = 'nuff said!



WHY: The in-your-face moments between them are - to me - the most interesting of personal conflicts in the film. Even on down-time they disliked each other's personality straight-up … Well played, Whedon, well played indeed…

Although the "confrontation" does somehow seem 'forced' and frankly, not as believing as their spoken-lines, but in reality, I am not expecting thespian-level acting here - hey, one minute 'Steve Rogers' is talking down to 'Tony Stark', and the next, they are working together to get the Heli-carrier remaining up in the air? Not much 'chemistry' between them, except for when they have their masks on LOL


WINNER for "Best On-Screen Pairing": THOR & HULK!

WHY they work so well together? Because they do not talk to each other that much. Even when they bumped fists (and heads, and other bodily parts) in the hangar of the Heli-carrier, or when they both ripped into the alien ship afters - there was no "Forsooth!" and "Smash!" and I am thankful for that. There were no "playful" or arrogant banter - the way that comicbook has - just punches, and the sound of crushing alien spaceship hulls and exploding crafts. A Symphony for Destruction as only a hammer-wielding Demi-God and a Gamme-Irradiated Monster can. *NICE*

Even the scene where Hulk slammed Thor aside after downing an alien ship, was utterly hilarious! And why we don't see Thor kicking his butt in return, seems to be a really fun notion of (perhaps) respect from the Odin-son for the green beast? But, yes, I am over-thinking it … but hell, I smell a destructive "buddy-movie" coming on here!