The Plan for TOYSREVIL @ STGCC 2012 (Artist Alley Booth #F46)

The initial plan was to just rent a table at Artist Alley (couldn't really much afford a booth like the one I had in 2009), maybe put in 4 to 6 chairs, and that's it. A place where folks could drop by, sit down, catch up, and talk 'toys'. It would have been a purely "self-promotional" circumstance, where the cost of the space-rental would be decently measured against and spread out / divided against 363 days of the year. (About SGD$50 a month).

A) No worries of having to lug product to and fro from the event venue.

B) No stress of desperately needing to sell whatever I had to sell to make back at least the cost of rental (and other expenses).

C) Most importantly, I would have a space of my own to sit, and yak my head off to people, without fearing my physical inability to cope with prolonged periods (although I no longer need a wheelchair - I am still recovering from Stroke, folks).

Than I realized I might quite simply be out of my mind, or rather, my wallet got up and gave me a hearty slap, for being careless and ludicrously-naive. Could I really afford to chuck away SGD$600 and whatever costs it would include in the endeavor (including transport, printing materials, food, me buying loads of other folk's stuff at STGCC) to promote my blog?

So I've decided to do a combination of both.

I will have exclusive art toys made for this event, for sale. I will try to get some prints made for this event. I will even customize and bring some of my own art toys to display and hawk them off! I might even get a couple of local artists in for releases and signings. And yes, I hope to meet up with friends - both new and old - and chat up a storm ('yay' for having my own chair!). And yes, I have a 'theme' for the set-up too - as for making it work, well, that's another challenge altogether (perhaps another entry for another time).

At the end of the day, I do not have a lot of space to work with in the first place, but it sure beats standing up the entire time!


TOYSREVIL will be having a table in Artist Alley #F46 @ the Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention (September 1-2) at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall (Exact location TBD). Thank you for your support, folks!