The Reveal of American Depress by Ron English x Kidrobot Black


Spotted on Ron English's Facebook was an image of AMERICAN DEPRESS (gawks but I heart FB) from Kidrobot Black. Released on May 29th via KR New York (6-8pm) - this 12" vinyl is in an edition of 200 and priced at US$400. I was pretty decided to grab this piece since the previous teaser, but the price slapped me back hard and shook it's finger (still clasped in the mouse-trap) "no-no-no" at me lol
"Pop iconoclast Ron English presents the ultimate black vinyl fetish item – American Depress. A three dimensional depiction of America's Bloated Billionaire Mouse Messiah is crucified upon the mousetrap status symbol of American capitalism: the Black Card.

Ron English reinvents imagery from modern popular culture, manipulating visual symbols to create complex, humorous, and insightful meanings. For American Depress, the urban pop prankster has focused on a beloved character happily entrapped by the consumerism that has made him. The over-stuffed mouse is splayed on a 12-inch tall sheet of black ABS, embellished with gold printing. The card numbers reference the beginning of the royal rodent’s reign, and, a very short time after, the darkest hour in the history of the American economy. From there both iconic rodent and consumer grow to obesity until the card’s expiration date - the day of the foretold apocalypse. Fitted with an indent on the back, this modern relic is built to be hung over all we devour."