The Winner for 'Best Portrait' in A Steampunk Perspective: Illustration Is Watten Bay

And the Winner voted for by the public for 'BEST PORTRAIT' in A Steampunk Perspective: Illustration Contest is "VAMPIRE ASSASSIN" from Watten Bay! Working in a printing company, Watten found time to work on an illustration and had submitted a steampunk-concept decidedly 'rare' (at least to me) to be seen, and we had a quick Q&A with him:

TOYSREVIL: I like your concept of the entry! Fusion of predominantly western-based sensibilities, and something not often (or at all) seen: "Eastern Steampunk"? How did the concept come about?

WATTEN BAY: Since steampunk commonly (features) Western/European images, I tried for something different, something rare, almost never touched; the Asian Steampunk, and (include) some kind of horror, fantasy, folklore to spice up the character.

I chose something quite familiar, (and since) we all know the franchise of kungfu-master kicking-vampire movie. So be it. I hope to continue this Chinese vampire thing, maybe drawing them meet the Count himself :p

TOYSREVIL: Will be looking forward to that! What do you have to say / what is your impression about your win?

WATTEN BAY: I am surprised! And it makes me eager to join another one. Of course I want to thank all the people who gave their support :D


And thanks to Watten & all the prize sponsors for the competition. Meanwhile check out these initial concept sketches from Watten, for his VAMPIRE ASSASSIN! (Thanks for sharing, Watten!)