CLOGTWO for Fang To Fur


Yesterday we had a look at Naomi Tien's work for FANG TO FUR, today we have a glimpse at the paintings and custom-toy from CLOGTWO of Singapore, and as well a little bit more insight to their origins and motivations of creation. Shown directly above at Eman's canvases and painted masks on show, as well as his exclusive-edition camera with Darkroom Army, and limited edition print for Fang To Fur. This gentleman has my utmost attention, and he should have yours too.

(artworks of three - Monarchy, Citizens and Future Monarch /
2012 / Acrylic and gold ink on 40in by 40in canvas):
"I am always submerge within the dysfunction of my society and what I surrounded with. It's how I view life in my perspective. It helps me think and question the unanswerable definition of carrying on with life on a daily basis. This series of artworks revolves around the political context in Singapore, taking advantage of the lion as a significant animal icon of Singapore, I've depict it as kings/politicians of it's kingdom, and the deer skull as the citizens, being harvest as a form of food/income for the rich to feed their stomach and wealthy living condition. A circle of life, a struggle. A ruling rule set to conquer the people from one generation to another, a monarchy." ~shares Clogtwo.

"REN JING" (custom Grabbit toy custom /
2012 /Spray paint, ink and glow in the dark decal):

[9 x images in slideshow above / Click for full-screen viewing]
"There's a distinctive definition for each country - shaped by the  politics, hopes, fears and its unique resource. Angola has its diamonds; Brunei is oil-rich. In Singapore, people, not tourism, are the resource  and the nation's main source of income. Through taxes, rising price of HDB flats, stagnant wages and more, we are a golden resource that generates value for our safe, clean but harsh country - our future is bleak and we fear the worst for our next generation. 'Ren Jing' is a direct translation that refers to man gold. It defines the situation Singaporeans are facing. Like gold, our value will never go down and the demand is always high. At the same time, it takes everything away from us and promises nothing in return." ~mentions Clogtwo.
TOYSREVIL: So what's up next with Clogtwo?

CLOGTWO: There's an up-coming group show at Dhalia Gallery Singapore in Chinatown. Showcasing 7 new canvas artworks entitled GHOSTGIRL by yours truly, OnetwoDelta and Diana Goh. (Am) Waiting for the giant dead robot I've designed for Esplanade for their event, Y-Fest 2012 to finish fabricating and installed at it's courtyard or should I say Junkyard. Limited edition skateboard prints in collaboration with LION CITY SKATEBOARDS. Releasing our new vinyl toy with Might Jaxx at 2012 STGCC. (And) Working on a colossal number of canvas artworks at the studio.

[For more of Clogtwo, check out, his Facebook and DSTRY]
Fang To Fur exhibits thru June 17th @ FLABSLAB.