Sideshow Toys SDCC-Exclusives Reveal: Captain America Rescue Figure from Hot Toys


And while I have not been as "on the ball" with exclusives coming up from Sideshow Toys for SDCC as I might have been in previous years, this latest reveal caught my eye - and tis the above-left CAPTAIN AMERICA RESCUE Figure from Hot Toys - featuring Steve Roger's guise in WW2! Quite a decent foil to the first released First Avenger: Captan America in the union-suit, methinks. It'll be released for pre-order on July 3rd, so stay tuned to for updates.


Meanwhile, other 1/6th-scaled SDCC-exclusives include the Commander Fox (above, next to Cap), and Tech Mo'r & Doill Na't's BITH BAND (surprising release, actually) and a straightup military figure in Green Beret Lt. Falcon (I haven't really seen a Military figure released via masses for a long time lol).

Source: Sideshow Collectibles


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