Dragons Custom Show @ The Sho Gallery (Aug 18 launch)

50 artists - 50 Kidrobot Krackas - 100% for Charity

Scheduled for a launch on August 18th 2012 (6pm–9pm) @ The Sho Gallery is the "Dragons Custom Toy Show". A creation of UK Toy Collector Andy Kelly (@zombiekel) - who had "wanted to bring together some of the UK’s greatest artist in a single platform show and raise some money for charity at the same time". All proceeds of the show go to DiabetesUK

[18 x images in slideshow above]

Due to the show being held in Wales, UK and the Dragon being their National Emblem, together with 2012 being the Year of the Dragon the show was to named ‘Dragons’ and then of course the chosen Platform had to be the Kidrobot Munnyworld Kracka. Shown here are some previews of customs for the show, which is also uploaded HERE on my FB-album - for without the efforts of Andy Kelley, this would not have happened :)

The 49 artists involved are: A Little Stranger, Alto, Blue-Frog, Cheo, Cris Rose, David Stevenson, DMS, Dr Barbados, Emily Bee, Fark-Fk, Felt Mistress, Flatties, Hoakser, Inkbotz, Jack T, Jonathan E, Jon-Paul & Kelly Kaiser, Kerry Dyer, KeziArt, Lady Lauren Loves, Lex Luthor, Lisa Rae Hansen, Lunabee, Map Map, Mark James, Mark Treharne, Mike Strick, Mimic, Michal Miszta, Mr Lister, Neese, Pete Fowler, PJ Constable, Planet Domu, Podgy Panda, Robotic Industries, Run DMB, Sneaky Raccoon, Sourbones, Squink, Stae, Stu Witter, Taylored Curiosities, TMH, Ume Toys, Uncle Absinthe, Zombiekel, Zro Toys, Zukaty.

PR-Mike Strick qtr 2
PR-Lisa Rae Front No Hat PR-Keziart qtr 1

Ordering Intructions:
- All the custom pieces on sale to take away launch night at Sho Gallery. You can call the gallery between 6pm & 9pm (GMT +1) whilst the show is on and pay over the phone via credit card.
- The remaining customs will be available on Monday August 20th at 8pm (GMT+1) online here.

All the Work in Progress shots are available at the Dragons blog here.


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