About That 'Shaolin Cowboy' Toy


Holy-Heck! The SHAOLIN COWBOY is now a figurine! Sculpted by モンスター 5 (monster5 of Japan), Geof Darrow's character from the "Shaolin Cowboy" comicbook (from Burlyman Entertainment) comes to 3D-life in this 16 inch tall statuette (I don't see any articulation tho) and will be on display at New York Comic Con booth S1. And apparently you can reserve it via wednesdaysfinest.com.


I've only personally collected the first few issues of the comicbook (before I stopped collecting comics altogether) and never did mange to complete the set (7 issues were released before it stopped), and I've always wondered if the character would be made into an actual toy, but had my doubts on the the authenticity, as the artwork of Geof Darrow is extremely intense to be trifled with IMHO. To appreciate the figurine, is to understand the source of the character design, methinks.

WHAT IS THE SHAOLIN COWBOY: 'The book is about an unnamed former Shaolin monk who wanders the land with a talking mule named Lord Evelyn Dunkirk Winniferd Esq. the Third. Having been "asked" to leave the Shaolin temple, he has since had a bounty placed on his head, which many are eager to collect. Given the Shaolin Cowboy's prowess in martial arts, however, this will be very difficult.

Taking place in an unspecified time setting (as the first issue notes, "the day after yesterday and a week before tomorrow"), the book features extremely detailed artwork and equally violent and absurd action scenes; in one, the main character battles a giant shark with a human head in its mouth using two chainsaws tied on the ends of a long stick -- which all takes place in the canalization in the stomach of a lizard, on whose back a city is located.'
Another Geof Darrow figure will be at NYCC this year too: The "Meltdown Edition Taoking" from Super7's 'Destroy All Kaiju'-line! [TAOKING]

(Thanks for the headsup, Meltdown Comics!)