Exhibition & Product Images for 'souls gone mad' by coarse @ Rotofugi

Exhibition images for Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk of coarse's "souls gone mad" now viewable by slideshow above (CLICK to view full-screen). The exhibition "souls gone mad" will run until December 3, 2012 at Rotofugi Gallery (2780 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois).
"The exhibition showcases new sculptures and photographs that will transport you to a unique world inspired by vague reminiscences of children's dreams. The works blur between dreams, nightmares and reality, telling a story of violation and influence on innocent souls.

All figures showcased in the exhibition are entirely sculpted and handcrafted from resin or fibreglass in the coarse studios in Hamburg and Hong Kong. Some are just single pieces and a few are in limited runs. Original art pieces are only available directly via rotofugi gallery.

Large photorealistic portraits of the main protagonists interact with the contemporary and rather reduced sculptures, submerging the audience even deeper into the characters."

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"The centerpiece of the show is the "soul shaker", a life-size installation inspired by paintings like "The Nightmare" by Henry Fuseli [1781]. The mechanical interpretation by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk allows the visitor to use tokens to start the ride of the mare, a contraption modeled after the classic children’s rides which used to be found in front of supermarkets. The human sized machine is revealing its face of seduction and influence.

At the exhibition, coarse debuted the exclusive resin figure "dark sorrows." The 9.25" [23.5cm] tall solid resin piece is limited to 100 pieces. It depicts "Fever" cowered and wearing a mask of a horse face. It is a highly original and lyrical piece—a flashback of nightmarish visions."