Pacific Rim Reveals Crimson Typhoon & Unclassified Documents


And the 5th Jaeger blueprint "leak" is from PPDC China: CRIMSON TYPHOON! (via Yahoo HongKong). Based in Hong Kong, the three-armed "Attack Mode" Mark-3 Mech Jaegar defends the coastline of China and Hong Kong! And seems there might be further activities via… Check out the previous 4 x Jaegers posted HERE!

I am extremely loving these blueprints, and will be delving deeper into detail about them soon enough … now I only wish the images were huge enough for folks to go download and print into posters!

Pacific Rim France Pacific Rim Chile

In addition to the Jaeger blue prints reveals, there are also documents "unclassified", such as the first one posted HERE, and new ones from Chile and France - in their specific countries' language! Which is uber cool from where their destination is at, and hopefully sometime soon some one can translate these fully into English :)

- From Paris comes "The Pittsburgh Project" - 'The world's first giant robot warrior development program to defend against the monstrous Kaiju invasion.'

- From Chile comes the 'proposal of an operational base in Chile for two towering robotic Jaegers.'

Stay tuned for more "red dot alerts" on!