Video & Exhibit Images for Hell Lotus Art Show @ Bien SG

A few moving visual-grabs cobbled up into a quick video offering a glance at the Hell lotus Art Show currently on-show at Bien SG (for the duration of November 2012), where you can view both custom Hell Lotus vinyls and prints, with the exception of custom-pieces from QUICCS, Mark Nagata and Chauskoskiss has already been sold and taken away on their debut show at SUP on November 3rd (as well the JRYU x Vampy custom was not on show - which I was actually quite looking forward to see tho, pity). Both customs and prints can now be ordered online via


Finally reaching Singapore's shores, we get to see The Yellow Dino's handiwork on show at Bien! Featuring a newly sculpted head and a "rock-ON!" hand-gesture, folks who might've missed seeing this at SUP can now view it in person at Bien!


I am thoroughly enthralled by this splendid piece from Artmymind, who seems to have moulded a brand new skull-head for this show! The relief carvings and designs are both intricate and evocative, and needs to be seen in person to appreciate the grandeur and elegance, IMHO.


Another piece which caught my eye, was Daniel Yu's LOTUS VALE. And while I've featured images online, to see it up close and personal, is a real treat, and a certain excitement, that this was a product of a local artist (more Nationalistic-pride than disbelieving of local skills). The Playmobil-sculpt was truly inspired, and the "Peace~V~handsign" is an absolutely hilarious Asian-influenced gesture. Nice one, Daniel!

If I were able to, this would be the piece I would walk home with! Other local artists whose customs are on show include Phu!, ZERO and CABLE. I was so looking forward to be seeing ANTZ's too, but it is not for sale and perhaps why not on show.


More images has since been uploaded unto THIS Facebook album! The Hell Lotus Art Show exhibits thru the month of November @ BIEN SG (71 Sultan Gate). Do drop Bien a call to see their opening times, or check out their Facebook page for updates at - and tell Jacky TOYSREVIL sent'ya!