Zombie Art Project 2: The Undead Assault on Precinct 13 by Zombie Monkie

"When Zday hit, this small town police station was instantly overrun with chaos. After hours of radio silence it became apparent that the few spare officers out on emergency calls were not coming back and that the skeleton staff of Precinct 13 would be forced to take care of things themselves. Boarding and barricading the doors and windows turned out to be only a temporary solution to their overwhelming problems. As the boards gave way to the endless attacks of the undead outside, the remaining officers scattered in an desperate attempt to escape their own gruesome fates. Now an entire town's calls for help go unanswered because the people who should be there to help... are in desperate need help themselves!"
The Undead Assault on Precinct 13

"The Undead Assault on Precinct 13" is a custom Playmobil set custom by Zombie Monkie and is part of his ZOMBIE ART PROJECT 2 [Tagged on TOYSREVIL] and is over 3ft wide and includes over 20 customized zombies and survivors throughought!

Currently on show at Toy Art Gallery for his first solo show: "The Return of the Zombie Art Project", you can check out images of the event launch here (above image by Frank Schaefer / via) and as well you can view still images of the video slideshow uploaded HERE on my Facebook album.