Custom Toys Roundup (Dec 10)

Iron Cat + Hulk
UPDATED: Above "finished" customs! Next? THOR!

Can anyone say "NEGORA SMASH"? A companion custom King Negora to the Captain Ameri-Cat from Mark Nagata, this looks to be a "Hulk" with ripped pants (c'mon, who else in the comicbook realms dare represent with torn-pants? LOL) and done for the upcoming Negora Show at One-Up … and then of course there is "Iron-Cat" … Cat-Avengers Assemble!

As well Mark mentioned that he'll also be doing THOR (but no "Black Widow" tho ;p), so that'll keep you folks on your toes!


From Bowo Baghaskara comes a custom from a 10" Digiborg resin figurine by Phantasma Studio, called ULTRA BOY. Interesting "Gameboy"-styled form tho … Bowo adds: ""Boys will be Boys till he die". It's just visualize From Expression a Man feeling like a boy, still loving toys, havingfun, free.."


John Eugene Avila shares with us teaser peeks at his QiQi X JeAA R.A.D.C.O.M. custom for TOYCON UK 2013. Further updates to come, and there are two QiQi customs to look out for. Meanwhile check out further works on his Facebook page or Tumblr.
"I call it "Real-time Daydream Manipulation". A 1/6 scale figure with 3inch cute little monster. Will be including OG box art and painting on this package."

Colin May shares with us his first custom - featuring a Chuckboy Dunny as base. What do YOU think of it folks?
"I figured, given the amount I have in my collection from other artists, a chuckboy would be fitting." ~mentioned Colin.


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