Custom Toys Roundup (Dec 12)


Since my last custom-preview for the HUG show by Blamo at Toy Art Gallery, more images have popped up in the www - here are a few of them. Clockwise from top=left: "Ashby the Treehugger" by Gary Ham, Scott Wilkowski, Leecifer and SpankyStokes. Shown below is "The Tenor" from Vallydweller which I thought hilarious in concept! *NICE*


Peeks at a new custom piece painted by Jon-Paul Kaiser utilizing an El Panda vinyl from Muttpop, featuring a "Biggie" on the belly, can't wait to see this piece in full!


This custom-Dunny named "LOAM" (God of the Autumn Forest) will be made available to purchase at 8:00pm GMT (DST+1) on Thursday 13th December at Made by Haus of Boz, this 3" figurine had been 'sculpted on and painted by hand, and finished with a real cubic zirconia stone, and varnishes for UV protection.'

[The Tuttz That Stole Christmas from The Jelly Empire]

Dropping Friday December 14th @ 3pm EST via are two pairs of festive custom-paints, featuring the duo of Mini Tuttz and a Jellybot from The Jelly Empire via resins from Argonaut Resins. Selina adds; "Here's to having a very merry, happy sparkly HOLIDAY!"


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