Custom Toys Roundup Dec 5


Melodreama shares with us a series of 3" custom Dunnys dropping here, priced at US$45 for a blind boxed pull. Am liking the simplicity of the visuals and the color impact. Nice o one, Mel! Check out more of her work via :)


Inspired by Box O' Hugs, these custom Hugs are done by Jan Calleja for the Toy Art Gallery "Hug" exhibition (circa December 15, 2012), and looking extremely "fun" too - at the very least the pieces seem to be having fun!


I've seen the form numerous times, but only today I found out what "UCU" stands for (courtesy of Plastic Culture): "Ultimate Copy of You" = ' a resin platform that replicates who you are or whoever you want' with these painted by Arno Maukar (House of Icon) to feature Kamen Riders! Priced at US$35 each, contact Arno on his Facebook page for availability.


Never get "tired" of seeing Mark Nagata's customs here - being extremely prolific as he is - and today we get to witness a (King) Mecha Negora finished with Monster Kolor paints (sale is pending for this piece btw). Swell use of darker tones with popping acids!


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