Golden Tippy & Felt Mistress: Creature Couture in SG


I had received my Golden Tippy collectible figure by it's lonesome and was a tad worried about where the book it was supposed to come along with, was. A day later it arrived separately at my doorstep, so take note, folks!

The toy itself was made by Crazy Label, based on the plush design character by Louise Evans aka Felt Mistress, with this golden edition coming exclusively with the hardcover book "Felt Mistress: Creature Couture" - which is one heck of a behemoth, in both size and thickness, let me tell you! Will take a closer look at both in time. Meanwhile, you can score your editions via Blank Slate Books for £47.99 (excluding shipping).

Tippy is shown above posing next to "Inspector Cumulus", also made by Crazy Label, and is a design by Jonathan Edwards, Louise's husband :)


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