HIGHLIGHT by Ryuji Oguni of A.R.E graphixxx


From Japanese illustrator Ryuji Oguni of A.R.E graphixxx comes HIGHLIGHT - a self-promotional zine in the both booklet and foldable forms, for which four issues have since been published - and it is indeed a delight to behold, as far as I am concerned.

Predominantely manga and anime-themed, the mecha-concept is undeniable, and showcases his superb illustration and design skills, and along with cohorts from around the world, a splendid visual-fest is expected - as witnessed in the collaboration with QUICCS of The Philippines in the superb "Bulletpunk: Toshiro [GHOST MODE]" image shown below! Check out further page snaps posted HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album, and hit up Ryuji for your copies. They are FREE!

(Below" Art cover for Illustration Zine [HIGHLIGHT] Vol.5)


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