Little Ox - First Colourway Release: Iron Ox by Chris Dobson x Creo Design


Chris Dobson announces the upcoming release of the first Little Ox colourway: IRON OX! Here's the full press release to explain a little further on the diminutive bovine:
PRESS: 'Hot on the hooves of his forthcoming public debut at the opening of alto's 'Unfold' toy and print show, the first Little Ox colourway - Iron Ox - is ready to venture out into the world.

A collaboration with Creo Design, Iron Ox will release on Friday 14th December 2012 at Noon (GMT) via the alto website @ Priced at Iron Ox will retail for £25 (approx. $40) excluding shipping.

An edition of 10 (including 1 secret chase), Iron Ox represents the first in a series of Little Ox colourways. The world is about to become a little more bovine…'


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