Mark Ultra Figures Release On Dec 7


The Mark Ultra presents a new series of resin bootlegs coming this Friday December 7th at midnight. A trio of characters awaits folks - starring the above-left NIGHT MOVES (Weirdo robot moon man from the future, Night moves rules the night!) and above-right MKULTRAMAN, which creator Mike Kirchoff mentions: "Mkultraman is a tribute to some of my favorite kaijin characters, painted with monster kolor"


Shown directly above is DAVE - and an red (Monster Kolor-painted) astronaut at that! All piece are priced at US$16 and come in a poly bag with header card. Also keep a look out for five super secret one-offs for US$22 each! Get familiar with these creations via I'm personally liking the cleanness of the lines and looks to be swell production pieces here! Interesting it does not mention the quantity / limited edition aspect of these, which I find somewhat refreshing actually lol


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