Nofuture from KenthToyWorks


From KenthToyWorks comes a new figurine dibbled "Nofuture" and he is looking extremely rocked-n-rolled intense! Standing 7.5cm tall this resin character features a removable bull-skull which can be used as a finger ring! The existing head is currently blurred off to keep it's identity secret!

One of KenthToyWorks's original series dubbed "Accessory Toy" (It's concept is that you can carry around your figure with you) - this seems to be an interesting addition to the toy-world. With the additional function of adaptable jewelry, it looks poised to crossover beyond just a "collectible toy" on display, no? Am interested to see how the colors and final figure treatment would look like as well. *EXCITED*


Stay tuned for further developments (when plans are more concrete), and check out updates on their Facebook page at

(Cheers for the info, Yoshi!)


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