Paul Shih for '12 Days of Xmas' (2012)

WHAT: With 12 days leading to Christmas Eve on December 24th (not counting the 21st, when it could be the "End of the World"), I asked 12 friends a series of 12 questions, and I received 12 different sets of answers which delighted me. I hope it delights you, dear readers! Paul Shih begins the second day of TOYSREVIL's "12 Days of Xmas (2012)" with his answers!
QTN#1: Describe how 2012 has been for you, in one word. Ah heck, in twelve words! ("Words", not a "sentence" ;p)

PAUL SHIH: broccoli, wiener, travel, chicken-rice, bak-kut-teh, Singapore, bB, Comic-Con, husband, Lyrids meteor shower, UFO, toysssss


QTN#2: What is the one thing folks might not know you did in 2012?

PAUL SHIH: I’ve become a broccoli slave! I grew broccolis in green, red and orange this year!


QTN#3: Describe to us yourself in three words.

PAUL SHIH: Silly, geeky & always-hungry-for-good-food
QTN#4: Draw a self-portrait (or Take a Picture of you sleeping.)

PAUL SHIH: I’ve never seen myself sleep, so this is how I picture it….


QTN#5: Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012.

PAUL SHIH: Proposed to my lovely wife under a sky full of stars…

QTN#6: Share with us your most embarrassing facepalm moment in 2012.

PAUL SHIH: Place wedding ring on the wrong hand and couldn’t pull it out during wedding ceremony…

QTN#7: Which is your single most favorite non-toy-related website in 2012.

QTN#8: Better to Tweet It, or Instagram It?

PAUL SHIH: Instagram!! I have such short attention span for texts, I can’t even keep up on the tweets … and if you have post a long story on facebook, chances that I’ve skipped it :P
QTN#9: Autobot or Decepticon? Star Wars or Star Trek?

PAUL SHIH: Autobot (to be more specific, that ice cream truck autobot from TF2) and Imperial Army for Star Wars (I don’t think I’ve ever watched a complete episode of Star Trek)
autobot-icecreamtruck FAT-TONY

QTN#10: What is your most favorite toy or piece of art you've seen in 2012?

PAUL SHIH: Ron English’s Fat Tony

QTN#11: What should folks look out from you in 2013?

PAUL SHIH: A new Kaiju toy, an unnamed new character, and more BEVIL & Sushi Kaiju…
QTN#12: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

PAUL SHIH: Very excited about the new Kaiju, can’t wait to start sculpting, and maybe even a Claymation :)

**Check out Paul's work via and his Instragam @hollowthreat!