Preview for 'Creatures of the Night' by Joe Ledbetter @ Cotton Candy Machine


PRESS: Los Angeles based artist Joe Ledbetter is packing his bags and heading to the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY for his 2-man exhibition with famed artist and illustrator Nathan Jurevicious. For his part Joe will be presenting 9 new paintings, an exciting new print set, and a uniquely customized inflatable unicorn…' - Opening Reception is on December 7, 2012.


And while we have images of the "Creatures of the Night" paintings show below, what got me extremely intrigued was inclusion of the 18" ta;; x 20# long acrylic paint on inflatable toy that which is the US$1700[-priced "Unicorn/Thundercorn". Interesting indeed :)


(Above) 'Peace Offerings' / 'Gamer Bunny' / 'Fire-Cat Inferno' are signed and numbered
18" x 18" prints in an edition of 25 each, priced at US$90 per.

PRESS: 'The 9 new paintings for the show focus on the Creatures of the Night theme, as Joe has kept his pieces dark, yet vibrant. Joe has utilized his very special lava aesthetic with variations on his infamous bunny character. From Fairy Bunny to Zombie Bunny, were sure you'll find a favorite. Brand new and exciting Creatures of the Night print set launches at the event! This set is large and in-charge at 18x18" and is designed to look fantastic on your wall as a set or individually.'
Full preview of Joe's artworks can be seen here. To purchase and for all inquiries please e-mail Sean:


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