QUICCS for '12 Days of Xmas' (2012)

WHAT: With 12 days leading to Christmas Eve on December 24th (not counting the 21st, when it could be the "End of the World"), I asked 12 friends a series of 12 questions, and I received 12 different sets of answers which delighted me. I hope it delights you, dear readers! QUICCS continues TOYSREVIL's "12 Days of Xmas (2012)" with his answers on the third glorious day of daily Q&As!
QTN#1: Describe how 2012 has been for you, in 12 words!

QUICCS: Productive, Lucky, Crazy, Fortunate, Encouraging, Funny, Fresh, Competitive, Fateful, Wild, Epic, Fist-in-the-air.

QTN#2: What is the one thing folks might not know you did in 2012.

QUICCS: That would be that it was this year that I began my journey into the realm of Toy Design.

Last March I was chosen to be in Thailand's CE Planet Contest II as one of the Top 5 International Finalists. Prior to that, I was primarily an Illustrator and an Art Director. I have always had passion for Designer Toys, but never got into customizing them nor producing my own. CE Planet opened a big door for me to kickstart my Bulletpunk and Toshiro artworks into the Toy Design Scene, together with meeting Andy Heng of Toysrevil, who was one of the Judges during the 3-day design marathon, as my adviser and mentor into the Designer Toy market since then ;)


QUICCS: This paved the way for me to get confidence into customizing toys and participating in toy exhibits, highlighted by the Chrome Gold customs Bulletpunk Robotars, The Worldslayer Hell Lotus, and my 2 custom-toy runs YOKAZUNAS and the GAIJINS which was all well received by people, all selling almost at the same time as they are offered to the public. It is very fulfilling and humbling to see that many people enjoy my art style and my toys.


QTN#3: Describe to us yourself in three words.

QUICCS: Happy, hustling supervillain

QTN#4: Draw a self-portrait / Take a Picture of you upside down, or sleeping.


QTN#5: Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012.

QUICCS: That moment would have to be when I won Tiger Translate: Manila 2012. It is a huge honor for me to be included as a Tiger Translate artist, being part of an exclusive and highly-talented group of global artists. I had a difficult way to accomplish that, having to go through Live Art Battles with my well-respected and highly talented filipino artists Anjo Bolarda and Ekis of KST along the way on separate occasions. If you know who they are, you would understand that the competition i went through was indeed fierce. I felt very honored to have represented my country at the Tiger Translate: Mongolia event as well. It was an unforgettable experience to be in Mongolia and meet its very talented local Artists.


QTN#6: Share with us your most embarrassing facepalm moment in 2012.

QUICCS: I spray painted a cockroach flat white thinking that it would kill it.

It slowed down for a while and crawled under my work table, and i thought that the paint should stiffen and eventually kill it. Got its revenge by being able to crawl up my desk, putting blots of white paint in some of my stuff. Being radiant white I had an easy time finding the roach again after a while, but noticed it was slower and weaker, enough for me to scoop it up with newspaper, put it into my toilet, pee on its face, and flush it down, alive.

QTN#7: Which is your single most favorite non-toy-related website in 2012.

QUICCS: That would have to be Facebook. Although absurdly my least liked website as well for the all the unnecessary insecure, bitter crap some people dump in it. It has been pivotal for myself since without it, winning at CE Planet and Tiger Translate wouldn't have been remotely possible. 

QTN#8: Better to Tweet It, or Instagram It?

QUICCS: I say DeviantArt it :D

QTN#9: Are you an Autobot or a Deception?

QUICCS: Decepticon.

QTN#10: What is your most favorite toy or piece of art you've seen in 2012?

QUICCS: ThreeA Shougun TK. Planning to preorder one for myself for some Bulletpunk action!
QTN#11: What should folks look out from you in 2013?

QUICCS: More Bulletpunk Customs are already lined up for next year, thanks to Mighty Jaxx and some generous private collectors. Also more epic art and awesome collaborations with great artists such as Ryuji Oguni, Raf Banzuela, Egg Fiasco, Rai Cruz and many more :)


QTN#12: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

QUICCS: Everything, hope it doesn't end on the 21st haha :)

**Check out more of QUICCS' work via his dA @ quiccs.deviantart.com!