Tiger & Bunny's ORIGAMI CYCLONE from S.H.Figuarts by Bandai


This figure from S.H.Figurarts is pretty darn exceptional, I have to say! See it online and deboxing it and holding it in my own hands, is a wholly different sensation, with the detailing on this action figure being eye-popping (these are ot simple decals or paintwork, folks!) and the relief detailing is nigh exceptional, IMHO. And the joints in my figure are by far the best of the whole lot of Tiger & Bunny figures I have!

The accessories are brilliant, and the mini-shuriken is a sight to behold! Something so small, and yet the sharpness and detailing is spot on! I have nothing but good things to say about this figure!

ORIGAMI CYCLONE is "Ivan Karelin". 'The young "Hidden Hero", clad in a ninja/samurai-themed costume and known to act much like a kabuki performer. Ivan rarely takes action and engages himself more in advertising than in actual crime-fighting, appearing in the background of photos and broadcasts to please his sponsors. His shapeshifting ability allows him to copy the appearance and voice of other people, but not their abilities or powers, and change into various inanimate objects such as a poster on a wall. Ivan is initially a very reluctant hero, only acting as he does because of insecurities regarding his "useless" power and guilt over becoming a hero over his former friend, Edward. After helping Edward (who had broken out of jail to kill Ivan in jealousy) escape Lunatic's judgement, Ivan vows to become a more active hero and move out of the background, quickly rising out of last place in Hero TV's rankings for the first time. However, he still engages in the occasional "photobomb", with a running joke having him appear hidden somewhere in the background of a scene, even ones not broadcast on Hero TV. His sponsor company is "Helperidese Finance". In the epilogue of the series, it is revealed that Ivan regularly visits Edward in prison to tell him about his exploits as Origami Cyclone.


Origami Cyclone's involvement in the Ouroboros incident tremendously boosts his popularity and reputation as a true hero and not just a walking billboard. His costume contains advertising for anime goods website ".ANIME" and eventually gains other sponsors: internet service provider Livedoor, Namco's NAM-Chara Cheer Squad, and Katsuya Takasu's beauty clinic, likely because of his newfound popularity. To offset Origami's power being little use in combat, he has various weapons to assist him. The large shuriken on his back can be thrown and ridden, and he has an arsenal of normal sized shuriken. The swords on his back can also be used, and are able to project energy to use as a shield or distraction.'
(Text Description via Wikipedia / Turnaround drawings via Tiger and Bunny)