TOYPIXDAY: Dad (Dec 14)


I've never been particularly close to my dad, when I was a youth. As a working adult, I had focused my energies selfishly on my own career, and essentially ignored most of my family around me. It was not until I fell to Stroke, when I actually had the "opportunity" to stop and breathe, and embrace my family, and it was Dad (who had since retired) who took care of me in the early stages of when I had returned home from hospital. He was my Chaperone. My Guardian. My Advisor. My Father.

Dad is now very sick, although ironically is still more mobile than me! Breaks my heart that I can't do enough for him, and for the family. I bust my ass working hard at what I do now, hoping to eke a living, not only for myself to flourish, but also to be able to feed my family in the future.

All the while lairs steal from me, and naysayers pilfer the fruits of my handwork, and I choose to remain silent, for I am trying to practice "good karma" now, in my mind it is for my father's health. I am what I have sown thru the years, that is a fact that cannot be changed. I reckon my karma points have since left me "alive", and for that I am grateful.

"Traditional" Chinese families might not practice "hugs" and words of compassion (I am still learning that, even until now). But what we lack in graces and expression, we show our love thru "action". Money. Good Karma. Whatever it takes. I am in service of Dad, and my family. As they had been earlier in my life. As they still are now.


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lee said…
Lovely that mate, makes a nice change to read something so nice :)
My father to, is not a person to show his love, but has always worked hard to support us, he is ill with a terminal illness that ironically he got because of his work (asbestos) I sometimes feel guilty because I cannot support my family as much as I would like as I am not working but try hard to buy and sell figures for profit just to make a little money.
Im sorry to hear you had a stroke mate, must of been awful for you.
Cheers Lee, one step to recovery at a time, I reckon :p