Win a Tomorrow King Custom In The 'Invade Dominate Destroy Raffle'

fundraiser bat 1 fundraiser bat 2

The trio of 3A Toys-collectors Razak Mahnster, Carlo ‘WWWETWORKS’ Cacho, and Michael ‘BUBO’ Reilly are curating and offering a custom 1/6-scale Tomorrow King a raffle prize of US$15 per, with proceeds to pay for the item's shipping and the rest going to Simon Be (creator of ‘Goatballs Wooden Bat’). As well anyone who participates will receive a scaled resin baseball bat.
"Simon has been a major part of the toy community, and we would like to give a little back to him in his time of need."
Read further information here, and note that the Raffle will end Wednesday, December 12th at 6:00pm (CST). A winner will then be drawn at 9:00pm (CST), "live".


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