13 x 2013: Jerome Lu

WHAT: 13 Creators to Look Out for in 2013. The challenge was simple: Identify 13 x Artists / Creators / Designers who will be taking the year two thousand and thirteen by storm, and quiz them! About half of them were also nominated by their fellow practitioner in this endeavor, so it'll be a swell mix indeed! Read what they have to say, and check out the URL-links to their sites to check out more of their works!
Introducing: Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey!

BIO: Jerome Lu was born in Mountain View and raised in the Bay Area by a family of wild monkeys. Even when he was a small chimp, they could see that he believed every crayon in the box had magical powers, and he would transform blank pages into colorful, fantastic worlds filled with monkeys, ninjas, robots and all his craziest dreams. His wild monkey relations soon recognized his artistic talent and nurtured it with a diet of Skittles and Corn Nuts. They made sure his art education included Saturday morning cartoons and ABC After School Specials.

Now that Jerome has grown up to be a big monkey, they are quite proud that his childhood creativity has never diminished. In fact, it has grown, and he is working on his biggest art project to date: constructing a 20-story ultimate monkey ninja robot."

/////////////////////////FLASHBACK FIVE/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: Describe how 2012 has been for you, in thirteen words!

JEROME LU: Amazing, beautiful, challenging, dedicated, exciting, fun, kick-butt, loving, rewarding, scary, tough, hyperactive, monkey.


TOYSREVIL: What is the one thing folks might not know you did in 2012.

JEROME LU: 2012 was a very monumental year. After 9 years of working for various toy companies, I left my full-time job to pursue Hyperactive Monkey full time. I’ve never been more happy. Here’s a photo of our booth at Wondercon 2012 the weekend after I left my full-time job.


TOYSREVIL: Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012.

JEROME LU: My most triumphant moment in 2012 would have to be the release of our book, The ABC’s of Monkey Kung Fu, and our Monkey Power Puppets. Our main goal with the book and puppets was to create something great that would put smiles on the faces of kids, both young and old. It truly makes us feel so happy and grateful when we see someone smile at our stuff.


TOYSREVIL: What is your most favorite toy or piece of art you've seen in 2012?

JEROME LU: My most favorite toy that I’ve seen in 2012 was Squid Kids Ink’s line of Mini 10-Dohs. It’s my favorite not just because I got to be a part of it, but because I love the size, the variety of talented artists involved, and it also reminds me a lot of my childhood days playing old school Nintendo.


TOYSREVIL: Which is your single most favorite non-toy-related website in 2012.

JEROME LU: http://cuteoverload.com/

/////////////////////////LOOKING FORWARD/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: What is that one single word you would use to describe what you expect in 2013?



TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

JEROME LU: I’m a big fan of Kuso Vinyl and am really excited to see what they have in store for 2013. They always have great artists lined up like KaNO, Nakanari, and Jesse Hernandez. I’m really looking forward to seeing their “Miquiztlicoatl” the Death Serpent by Jesse Hernandez. From what I’ve seen that figure has remarkable detail and colors.

TOYSREVIL: Are You A Jedi Master or A Sith Lord?

JEROME LU: Jedi Monkey Master

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TOYSREVIL: Better to Tweet It? or Instagram It? or Facebook It?

JEROME LU: Hyperactive Monkey Instagram It!

TOYSREVIL: Describe your own work/art in thirteen words.

JEROME LU: Colorful, crazy, happy, hyperactive, exuberant, fun, frenetic, joyful, kung-fu, ninja, smiling, mischievous, monkey,


TOYSREVIL: What should folks look out from you in 2013?

JEROME LU: We are working on so many upcoming secret projects. I can’t divulge too much information, but all I can say is that I’ll continue to do my best to create works that make people smile.


TOYSREVIL: What is that ONE word you hope to achieve for yourself by the end of 2013?



TOYSREVIL: Okay this is more of a challenge: Draw A Self Portrait With You As A "Snake" - interpret what you may!


To say Jerome is "hardworking", is an understatement. Coupled with his enthusiasm and positive energy, dude looks to be rocketing thru to 2013, and beyond! CLICK HERE for coverage on TOYSREVIL, and do check out the links listed below!

WEB: www.hyperactivemonkey.com
SHOP: www.hyperactivemonkey.bigcartel.com
BLOG: gohyperactivemonkeygo.blogspot.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/hyperactivemonkey
TWITTER: twitter.com/jromonkey
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/jromonkey