3AA 2013 Membership Price & Drop-Date


Since my last image feature, 3A Toys' annual 3AA Membership now has a price: US$190 US$180 for the lot, with memberships on sale January 15th 2013 @ 9AM via Bambalandstore.com. (Note that the price is prior to 15% 3AA discount!) There will be a 24 hour window to order, so stay sharp!

The package includes a 1/6 Blanc Hunter NOM, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print and the membership card. For folks who have had been 3A-Associates for the past 5 years (and only for these folks), purchasers for the 2013 membership will also grant them a second T-Shirt and a NOM P.R.E.Y BOX.


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