Custom Toy Roundup (Jan 8)


"Heaven and Hell" is the name of this duo from Darren Clegg, with more images to be found here on his Facebook. Darren adds: "…this is my first commissioned piece, the brief was to create 2 mini munnys that represent Heaven and Hell. I wanted them to be warriors fighting their corner in the eternal battle."


Carson Catlin (@carsoncatlin) shares with us a bunch of commissions he has completed recently, featuring "Nuke Android" ("The request was to incorporate a nuclear symbol into the reticulation patterns."), and an 8" Dunny dubbed "RDBP".
"And finally is a duo of Tri-color Reticulated Munny's - Got a request a while back to do two reticulated munny's. each one would represent each persons nationality. One being Italy and the other Brazil. These were the first tri-color reticulated munny's I have done. And I love how they turned out. As a result of these completed commission I now have 4 spots available for commissions. You can submit a request here."

Bowo Baghaskara showcases this new custom commission: "Clivia & Dryadula" - based on UCU by House of icon, with the figures in resin and standing 5 inches tall, originally. This is easily my fav of his custom-works I've seen thus far online, IMHO. View more images here
"It's Story of princess Clivia and prince Dryadula from two different kingdoms. Which were involved in the war, till destroy the area As impact for that war. This situation making God of forest, gave a curse to the kingdom. The only way to remove the curse, is by the way of sacrifice."

New customs from Marco Sgammotta (whom I now term the "Duke of Drips" - based on his melting style!) featuring BloodBros (a pair of Custom 3" dunny), Bleah (a Custom Zukie), NoName (a Custom 7" Munny), and another NoName (a Custom Pinna - an original form of Marco's). Go see more of his work on his Facebook-page, and tell him TOYSREVIL sent you! MUAHAHAHAHA