Hot Toys to make Diecast Collectibles

PRESS: 'Hot Toys is going to present a series of 1/6th scale Diecast Collectibles ranging from Iron Man 1, 2 & 3 to The Avengers to fans worldwide! Fans, are you expecting a Diecast Iron Man Mark III, Super Drone (Whiplash Mark II) or any others? A series of Diecast collectibles is coming soon! Stay tuned!'

Announced on their Facebook page, around the same time as Play Imaginative's press announcement, looks like there will be plenty of "metal" in toys, for the near future!

Folks who have discussed with me about "toy trends" in the past might remember me going about "tin toys" and "metal" being the upcoming product-material of choice - SEE? I was on to something then! Believe me now? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;p


That’s great...Everybody who loves this will have been waiting but let’s wait & imagine how expensive this is going to be.

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