'Iron Man 3' Movie Collectibles from Funko

UPDATED: Image pulled via request of Funko.

WOW. This is my third posting for IRON MAN toys on a Friday, but this NEEDS to be posted about, at the very least it may reveal a design not seen before = Witness the DEEP SPACE SUIT IRON MAN, from the Pop! Marvel line! Will this appear in the upcoming movie? Or just a nice 'fictional' nudge into the upcoming AVENGERS 2 movie in Deep Space?

I'll leave your collective musings to yourselves, and just post these upcoming new toys and collectibles from Funko … Do check with your fav retailer/vendors for pricing and availability.

Pop! Marvel: Iron Man 3
(Available February 18th, 2013)
Iron Man 3 Wacky Wobblers
(Available February 18th)
Iron Man 3 Plushies
(Available February 21st, 2013)
Iron Man 3: Boxo Papercraft Playset *New Product*
Iron Man 3: Can-Tivities *New Product*
(Available March 2013)


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