J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars Episode 7


I am unusually late to comment on J.J. Abrams being pegged to direct the upcoming STAR WARS Episode 7 feature film (need I remind you folks Lucasarts is now sold to Disney?), and frankly I have nothing much to add to whatever the supporters nor naysayers have to say about such a happenstance, except I am looking forward to it. Abrams has the distinction of having "nerd-points" in my personal "NerdVerse" (with folks like Joss Whedon amongst the upper echelons of), so I'm good. And how ominous was Star Trek x Star Wars poster, innit? HAH!

"A New Hope", "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" will not change our memories of the galaxy-spanning lore. And neither will Jar Jar Binks disappear from celluloid existence (and perhaps that scar in your collective minds ;p). So that's done-n-dusted as far as I am concerned, and now we need to move on … I am just hoping to see as much "life" in what the new/continued incarnation can be breathed into this franchise, that which the animated Clone Wars had been maintaining, for the past 100 episodes. (The Angry Bird x SW crossover was funny-heehee, but hardly apt in this situation, innit? LOL)

Nevertheless, this post will serve as an opportunity for me to post the above fan-made image of a hilarious mash-up with "Little Miss Sunshine" (illustrated by Josh Lange), a film written by Michael Arndt - who is now pegged to write Star Wars.