Super Alloy Collectibles from Play Imaginative x MARVEL

PRESS: 'Play Imaginative is thrilled to announce it has acquired a multi-territory licensing deal with MARVEL for its premium Super Alloy High End Collectible Figure product line. The initial lineup will be developed based on the Iron Man movies, with a focus on the upcoming movie Marvel's Iron Man 3 movie (premiering in 2013).

Twelve new figures are slated for release in 2013, six in 1/4 Scale and six in 1/12 Scale. Both the Super Alloy Collectible Figure 1/4 and 1/12 Scale will start off with Iron Man Mark 42, Iron Patriot, and War Machine, with the first release in June 2013. These Iron Man Super Alloy High End Collectible Figures will be available worldwide, excluding China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.'


This announcement comes soon after their recent acquirement of the license for the "New 52" from DC Comics too. And while images are currently not available, here's a look at the Iron Man Mark VII Super Alloy on display at last year's STGCC (for "The Avengers" / pic via Vinyl On Vinyl)… a harbinger of times, it seems!


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